Available Student Projects

This page lists some of research ideas/projects around cyber-physical systems and applications of machine learning algorithms. Some projects are also around exploring blockchain related applications in securing the internet of things and distributed systems.

Dear DEIE students looking for thesis topic, if your are interested in working on one of these available projects, feel free to drop me an email.

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📊 Blockchain-based Framework for Federated Learning

The research explores integrating blockchain technology into the federated learning paradigm, aiming to enhance data privacy, security, and decentralized governance in a collaborative machine learning approach where the model is trained across multiple decentralized devices or servers without exchanging raw data.

🔗 Federated Learning for Decentralized Trust Evaluation

The research focuses on leveraging federated learning, a collaborative machine learning approach where models are trained on decentralized devices, to assess and establish trust within a network of distributed participants. This research aims to develop methods that utilize federated learning techniques for evaluating and enhancing trust in a decentralized and privacy-preserving manner.

📲 Blockchain as a Trusted Data Layer (as a service) in data-intensive applications

The research studies the integration of blockchain technology to serve as a secure and immutable data layer in applications that handle substantial amounts of data, known as data-intensive applications. Blockchain is essential in this context due to its ability to ensure data integrity, traceability, and decentralized trust, addressing the inherent challenges of managing and securing vast quantities of data in such applications.

📱 Privacy-preserving Truth Discovery on Mobile Crowd Sourcing

In this research you will delve into developing methods to ascertain reliable information from mobile crowd sourcing, where data is collected from a large number of individuals using mobile devices. The emphasis is on preserving privacy while ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of the collected information in a crowd-sourced manner.

☁️ Fault Tolerant Web Services using Blockchain

The research centers on developing mechanisms to maintain the availability and reliability of web services in the face of faults or failures. Fault-tolerant web services aim to ensure uninterrupted functionality despite hardware or software issues, network problems, or other disruptions. Blockchain holds promise as a potential solution by offering a decentralized and immutable ledger, enhancing fault tolerance through its distributed nature, and providing a trustworthy framework for resilient and continuous web service operations.

🪪 Zero Knowledge Proofs and Decentralized Identities

The topic explores the integration of zero knowledge proofs, cryptographic protocols allowing verification without revealing underlying data, into decentralized identity systems. Zero knowledge proofs are vital in decentralized identities to ensure privacy and security by enabling authentication and authorization processes without disclosing sensitive personal information, thus maintaining individual privacy while verifying identity credentials in a trustless environment.